Dowagiac Police Department offering to check in on kids during school closing

DOWAGIAC, Mich. – Dowagiac Union Schools will be closed from March 16 through April 3, leaving some children at home alone while parents are at work. The Dowagiac Police Department is offering to check in on these children on behalf of residents.

The Police Department says that families living within Dowagiac city limits are eligible for this welfare check.

If requested, the Police advise to tell kids that a uniformed Officer in a marked Dowagiac Police Department patrol vehicle will be conducting the checks.

Families can make a request for this welfare check by sending an email directly to [email protected], sending a message to the Police Department’s Facebook page, or by calling them at 269-7832-9743.

In the request, please include each child’s name, age, parental contact information, and address.

The Police will do their best to accommodate residents by checking in at a specific time, but they cannot ensure exact times.

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