Dowagiac teen continues to follow dreams after Michiana Idol

NOW: Dowagiac teen continues to follow dreams after Michiana Idol

DOWAGAIC, MI. -- Week two of American Idol on ABC has already shocased so much talent: so many people doing their very best to pursue their dreams.

Some make it all the way.  

But for others, the journey ends all too soon. 

17-year-old Brandon Martin wow'd the Michiana Idol judges back in August, and made his way to Chicago.

It was there he made it through the first of many rounds in the Windy City, but ultimately that's where his Idol journey ended. 

But he has his guitar, his ukele, and his voice.

And Martin says, that's all he really needs. 

"There was a little bit of sorrow I guess, because I didn't make it as far as I wanted to," he says. "But it kind of showed me what I had to do to get better. The talent that went through that day was spectacular. I watched them in awe."

It was an awe that has inspired him ever since.

The Dowagiac teen is refusing to let one rejection derail his dream.

"Seeing them, and seeign why I didn't necessarily get past where I wanted to get was okay really because the talent that did go through was amazing," Martin explains. "It showed me the steps I needed to take to better myself and further my musical talent."

It's a talent that has landed him a spot in a special performing arts college in California.

There, he'll have the chance to travel the world and teach kids the joy of music.

"I want to do msuic therapy and I think it would be really cool to work with kids who have like, leukemia, and write songs with them," Martin says. 

He's taking his dreams and his talents to inspire others, starting with his little brother and sister.

Martin says he wants to make sure they know to never let anyone or anything stop them.

"Just because you get told once, it's not a no forever. It's a not right now," he explains. "Getting told 'no' didn't stop me. It didn't crush me. It just really amped up my love for music amd pushed me harder to get better."

His determination to continue to pursue his dreams is being driven by his support for one other Michiana dreamer...Tayah Smith. 

Smith and Martin were in the audition line together in Chicago and helped each other through the early process.

Now, Martin is excited and proud to watch her. 

"I'm really looking forward to see Tayah audition. Hopefully I'll get to see her go to Hollywood maybe, and do her thing. She's an amazing singer," he adds.

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