Downtown South Bend's 'Best. Week. Ever.' continues with 'Sweat the City' event Tuesday

NOW: Downtown South Bend’s ’Best. Week. Ever.’ continues with ’Sweat the City’ event Tuesday

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Grab your best gym outfit – South Bend Venue Parks and Arts continues its ‘Best. Week. Ever.’ this week, and today’s event will get you up and moving!

A group fitness event will take place on the Jefferson Boulevard Bridge this evening. ‘Sweat the City’ will start at 5pm and run until 10pm tonight.

All ages are welcome at the event, with the gates opening at 5P.M. all the way through 10P.M.

Local fitness providers will provide demonstrations, activities and information surrounding their programs.

Food trucks and drink vendors will also be there to keep you refueled throughout the night.

The night will kick off with a performance by the world-renowned Jesse White Tumblers.

A kids’ program is among those that will be offered today; children can enjoy ‘Kids Hip Hop’ with Mike Jacobs from Kroc Center.

As the sun sets, Sunset Yoga will take place at 7P.M. with Christina Reihm from Kroc center.

It all leads up to the final event, a ‘Night Pound’ with YMCA representatives at 9:15P.M.

The idea is to bring residents together and get them up and moving, and there are many benefits to group fitness as opposed to individual.

Working out with other people leads to increased motivation or inspiration from those around you, and everyone at tonight’s event will share the same goals of getting active.

Jonathan Jones, Director of Recreational Experiences for South Bend Venue Parks and Arts says the goal is for people to “after this event to find a place to get connected and find a way that they can actually sweat in their city and really promote a lifestyle of health.”

The Jefferson Boulevard Bridge will remain blocked off for the duration of the event. If you’re looking for evening plans, grab the family and head to downtown South Bend this evening!

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