Drive-by shootings are worrying Elkhart neighbors

NOW: Drive-by shootings are worrying Elkhart neighbors

ELKHART, Ind – A series of drive-by shootings has an Elkhart neighborhood worry if they’re connected, and what’s to come next.

“You can’t even sit out here and enjoy the family because you never know when the gunfire is going to erupt” Ann Smart of Elkhart said.

Four shootings within three days without an explanation occurred.

On Friday Elkhart Police received a report of gunfire on 6th street where the victim said they were sitting on the porch when someone shot at them, but no one was hit.

On Saturday a woman reported that she was on Garfield Avenue and Francis when her car was hit by flying bullets.

On Sunday a man was shot in the leg on Garfield avenue while standing outside of his house followed by more gunshots on the same block of Garfield avenue hour later

Investigators said these shootings are still being investigated and it’s not clear if they are connected.

There will be an update to this story when the investigations are complete detailing if these shootings were connected.  

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