Drive-thru fundraisers bring needed revenue for Potawatomi Zoo

NOW: Drive-thru fundraisers bring needed revenue for Potawatomi Zoo


SOUTH BEND, Ind. — Animal lovers will get their last glimpse of the Potawatomi Zoo Saturday morning via a “drive-thru zoo” exhibit until next month when Gov. Eric Holcomb's Phase 4 plan of reopening the economy takes effect.

“I think people are so ready to get out of the house and do something,” Executive Director Josh Sisk said. “Even though you’re in your car, it’s still in opportunity to see the animals you’ve been missing all year.”

But don’t plan on getting tickets for a third weekend of the drive-thru zoo. Sisk said Saturday’s time slots will be their last until reopening June 14.

“Unfortunately since we’re not open to the public, this was a special event,” Sisk said.
“This was a fundraiser for the zoo. So as you can imagine it takes a lot of work to get this set up, and we have a lot of work that we need to do to get the zoo open.”

The zoo has already lost income that it would usually bring in by late-May due to coronavirus, but Sisk said it’s hoping to get a lot of back once families can enjoy its animal kingdom again.

“It costs over 200 thousand dollars a year just to feed the animals. It costs another hundred thousand dollars for bed care. So you know, it’s those dollars in that revenue of people coming in, riding the train, buying concessions is what really helps support the zoo and keeps us running.”

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