Drivers back on the road after stay-at-home order lifted

NOW: Drivers back on the road after stay-at-home order lifted

ELKHART COUNTY, Ind. -- Indiana and Michigan are both re-opening and that means more drivers on Michiana roads. While people are heading back to work, traffic levels have increased as the state’s stay-at-home order has been lifted.

When the order first went into effect, there was less traffic; and police noticed there were fewer accidents, but a few reckless drivers taking advantage of empty roads, as well. Now that traffic is starting to pick back up again, Sergeant Ted Bohner, with the Indiana State Police said they’re likely to see people breaking traffic laws and come in contact with officers.

“It has made us busier because the volume of traffic has picked up and we get more calls about distracted drivers or possibly drunk drivers, and that type of thing, that we have to respond to as well,” Bohner said.

Although, law enforcement has been receiving calls for drunk and distracted driving, one thing they haven’t seen much of is speeding.

Bohner said it’s not as nearly common to see someone drive 100 miles an hour or more like they did before the stay at home order, and they’ve noticed this trend across the country.

“That seems to have diminished quite a bit, and that’s a great thing because that’s highly dangerous, highly reckless and very often people can get hurt very badly when there’s a crash doing that,” Bohner said.

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