Drivers fill up in Sturgis for just $2.98

Donna Houtz says she had to stop, when she saw the gas prices at the Admiral in Sturgis."Well I was here visiting a friend, coming back from up north.  I saw the gas prices and decided to fill up on my way out of town, ": said Houtz.

Houtz is from Coldwater, Michigan and she ways prices in Coldwater do not compare to prices in Sturgis.
"If I'm in town i always try to fill up at Sturgis", said Houtz.

With a 33-percent edge on the competition it is no surprise that Miller's gas station down the street looked like a ghost town.  Houtz says she does not know why they are so much cheaper, but some other customers have their own ideas.

"Maybe there are gas station wars", said James Coker.  Donna says she is happy with the money she saved today, because she has other expenditures.

"You know any money that you save at the gas pump can be used for something else", said Houtz.She hopes that her hometown of Coldwater will follow suit and lower prices.

"I hope they have a bidding war in Coldwater", said Houtz.

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