Drivers look to avoid the roads after big snow storm

NOW: Drivers look to avoid the roads after big snow storm

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — after spending a doozy of a day on the roads, some drivers say they’ll rethink getting behind the wheel again when the snow continues to fall this weekend.

“The roads are terrible right now, you can get through but it’s definitely slow going and it’s definitely slipping and sliding,” said driver James Friedlander.

Want to avoid sliding? People at the pump say slow down.

“Just go slow and leave plenty of space between you and other drivers,” said driver John Broden.

Conditions weren’t perfect but this main road was slightly better than side streets.

ABC 57 News reached out to INDOT before the big snowstorm.

We’re told crews have been pretreating the roads since Thursday.

The first fleet was sent out hours before the snowfall started to start rolling when it began.

They also enlisted help from southern INDOT crews.

And Friday, they had more than 170 plows out working 12 hour shifts to clear these streets.

That’s welcomed news for drivers.

But they say you should avoid the roads altogether just to be safe.

“Don’t go that’s the best advice I can give you,” said Kendall Ranges. “If you do go grab some gas, animal crackers to chew on because if you get stuck out here, you’re stuck.”

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