Drivers: Slow down and save a child

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- On Thursday, the St. Joseph County Police and the South Bend School Corporation got together to stress bus safety.

Next week is School Bus Safety Week.

The district says it's necessary, because so many people speed around buses as they are lowering their crossing arms.

In May, a national survey found 153 crossing violations in a single day in St. Joseph County.

Police say a student is going to get killed if drivers don't start paying attention now!

"It's something we should be doing all year long which is as drivers we should be responsible and watching for school buses and keeping our children safe,” said St. Joseph County Sheriff Michael Grzegorek.

Each year, nearly a dozen kids are killed by drivers who don't follow bus stop rules.

South Bend buses make about 2 million stops each school year.

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