Drunk driver crashes into 9 vehicles in South Bend

NOW: Drunk driver crashes into 9 vehicles in South Bend


SOUTH BEND, Ind. - Several homeowners, living in South Bend’s northwest side, are demanding action, after a drunk driver hit nearly a dozen parked vehicles on Huey Street Saturday night.

Police say as soon as the truck came to a stop, disgruntled neighbors pulled the driver out of his vehicle and held him down, until police and paramedics arrived.

“That was very bizarre, he looked like he was drunk," said Janell Apple, who lives on Huey Street.

Police say the driver crashed into nine different parked vehicles and had a blood alcohol content level almost four times over the legal limit.

“I got this dent and paint scratches from the accident," said Apple.

Lime green markings on Huey Street, sprayed by police between the 1800 and 1200 hundred blocks of Huey Street, represent where each of those 9 vehicles, were hit.

“I actually had a panic attack because I was freaking out how gonna get it fixed because were a low income family," said Apple.

“People in the summertime need to slow down," said Ralph Jones, who also lives on the street.

Fortunately for Jones, his car was untouched, but his frustration was reignited.

“There are no stop signs, that’s why everyone speeding because nothing to slow them down," said Jones.

It's unclear just how fast the driver of that truck was going, but Apple speculates it may have been 50 or 60 miles per hour.

South Bend Police say charges against that driver will be filed at a later date.

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