During interview, Coach Parseghian discussed love of Notre Dame

NOW: During interview, Coach Parseghian discussed love of Notre Dame

Ara Parseghian was one of Notre Dame's winningest and most beloved coaches. He took over the football program at Notre Dame in 1964 and made an immediate impact. Last season marked the 50th anniversary of his first national title

ABC57's Saturday Kickoff Anchor Allison Hayes sat down with Ara Parseghian to do a one-on-one interview with the legend.

Parseghian spoke about his career, the championships and his love of Notre Dame.

"I came here in 1964 I guess it was and had an opportunity," Parseghian said.

Parseghian was named Coach of the Year in his first season as head coach at Notre Dame.

He went on to win two national championships during his tenure, in 1966 and 1973, and he admits those are his favorite memories.

"The National Championships that we've won, in '66 which is this team's 50th reunion this weekend, and 1973 National Championship. Those are memorable experiences because everybody knows how much time, effort and being a part of a team and being successful with that are very memorable parts of your life. And that's what coaching is all about, the relationships that you make with all of your players, everybody connected with the university and the elation of winning and being satisfied with accomplishing our mission, you can't change that. You can't duplicate it," Parseghian said.

In his 11 seasons, Parseghian won 83-percent of his games. His career was cut short due to health reasons in 1974.

What he loved most about Notre Dame had little to do with his record.

"Well, I guess I'd have to say the players. Because you're with them for four years and we graduate everybody and the relationships that you create during that period of time. You're together an awful lot. You're on the field together, you're training together.  The emotion of the game is all a part of everybody and so, I guess that's why most coaches are in the business, because of the relationships that they have within their job," Parseghian said.

Even after he left the university, he stayed a part of the Notre Dame family and continued to be spotted on campus. How much has Notre Dame meant to him throughout his life?

"Immensely. The years that I've had here for my family, they all went to school here. My son graduated from Notre Dame, my daughter's from St Mary's, so it became home. Here I am still in South Bend and it's 50 years ago," Parseghian said.

He could have gone anywhere in retirement, but he chose to live the rest of his life here.

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