Dussel's Farm Market and Greenhouse to reopen after suffering multiple incidents

NOW: Dussel’s Farm Market and Greenhouse to reopen after suffering multiple incidents


CASSOPOLIS, Mich.-- After experiencing a break in, a fire and a vehicle crash into their business in just 8 months, one farmers market in Cassopolis isn't letting down and hopes to be up and running in full swing for spring. 

“Had the fire November 4th. Then November 7th there was a car crash here," said Dussel's Farm Market and Greenhouse owner, Mark Dussel. 

All of the damages cost the business over half a million dollars.  

“Its substantial. We’re looking somewhere in the 450 thousand dollar range that we loss," said Dussel. 

Dussel says it's taken months of construction, preparation, and sweat to get it back where it is today but most importantly, the support of the community. 

“There is a lot of support behind us. Employees that stayed with us that helped us sift through the ashes. Local volunteer, people come help put stuff together. The contractor that we got, the people that he was working for actually let him leave that job to come to us to get us back open," said Dussel. 

He says it's people like Gloria Chavez who's been with the business for over 20 years. 

“I love my job and I felt like they need our help too like they help us I feel like we need to help them too." said Chavez. 

They're continuing to work towards their goal. Dussel's Farm Market and Greenhouse plans to open their doors back up to the community by April 1st. 

“Its not like they’re just buying stuff from us. They’re friends and they’re family to us," said Dussel's Farm Market and Greenhouse employee, Emily Whitman.

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