Early preps made for Notre Dame vs. USC game

NOTRE DAME, Ind. –- Well, they say the early bird gets the worm. Or maybe in this case -- the pigskin!  The University of Notre Dame began setting up for the USC football game!

The Trojans aren't coming into town until next Saturday, but many of the university's tailgate and hospitality tents already up!

One student we talked to said she was surprised, but excited by the early prep!

"In my three years of being here, I haven't seen them set up this early in terms of all the tents,” said Amy Henry, a student at Notre Dame. "I think it's just the anticipation of the crowd and what's going to be going on. There are 200,000 plus people on campus, so I think the more you are prepared ahead of time, it's better than waiting until the last minute."

The USC game will be the first night game at Notre Dame Stadium in 21 years!

Notre Dame has a “bye week” this Saturday.

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