Early voting ends in St. Joseph County and Elkhart County

Early voting in St. Joseph County and Elkhart County ended on Monday at noon.

Voting poll workers at the Lincoln Center in Elkhart said that 112 people came in to cast their ballots on Monday.

Many of the voters were happy to have the chance to make their voices heard, even before Election Day arrived.

“To make the city good, better. There’s a bunch of problems in the city that we are living in now and the world. Just wanna vote,” Elkhart voter Conchatta Eldridge said.

Voters in the City of Elkhart will decide on a Democratic Mayoral Primary a property tax hike referendum to support the Elkhart Community Schools.

Many people also headed to the County-City Building in Downtown South Bend to beat the voting rush and cast their ballots ahead of Election Day.

“These smaller positions are extremely important. This is how resources are distributed. This is how we ensure that different parts of our community are provided with the necessary support that they deserve,” South Bend voter Ernesto Verdeja said.

Voters who chose to vote absentee in-person had until May 6 to cast their ballots.

To check your voting location, visit www.indianavoters.com.

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