Easter holiday helping revive some businesses

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Now that Spring is here, many business owners hope the good weather can help breathe new life into the economy. For one small business in South Bend, that may be the case.

Few things are as satisfying as an Easter ham shared with family.

A lot of families will be getting their ham from Luann VanDalsen's Honeybaked Ham and Cafe in South Bend.

"We are expecting a lot of customers coming in picking up their hams. A lot of people have them ordered, a lot of people don't, and that's fine just walk in and pick up, we're good for that,” said VanDalsen.

Her Honeybaked Ham location is coming out a long winter of sorts. A financial winter, where the frozen economy has hurt their business.

"For over the last four years our business has been down,” said VanDalsen.

Struggling to make ends meet, there were times when VanDalsen didn't know if she could keep the business going.

"It was bad. We were 50 percent down in sales,” said VanDalsen.

Once one of the top 10 selling locations in the country, VanDalsen’s business dropped to 132nd.

But they didn't give up.

"We all struggle and we all got behind it. We all worked extra hours and did extra things trying to make it come back. I think that's what everybody around the United States is trying to do, and I think we might be getting there,” said VanDalsen.

VanDalsen says she has hundreds of pre-ordered hams ready to be picked up.

"For the first time this holiday, I can smile about it, we're up. And it's like, we're coming back,” said VanDalsen.

Nothing feels better for this small business owner.

"What a wonderful time for a resurrection, it's Easter,” said VanDalsen.

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