Eau Claire Football ready to make community proud

NOW: Eau Claire Football ready to make community proud

EAU CLAIRE, Mich. - In Eau Claire, the last two and a half seasons of high school football have ended with zero wins and lots of losses.

But, Eau Claire football is in the midst of major change and an entirely new coaching staff says Beaver football is headed in a new direction.

“The bar is set low we don’t have anything to live up to," said Mike Wilford, Eau Claire Head Football Coach.

Its not everyday you hear a head football coach admit the expectations aren’t very high but at Eau Claire High School, Wilford will tell you it just cant get much worse than the last two and a half seasons.

“The football program has been down I know that," said Wilford.

Down, but not outm thanks in large part to the new coach staff.

“Everybody here jumped on it with flying colors cause were all from the area were all from Suthwest Michigan that’s one thing about all our coaches we all come from winning programs," said Brent Lesniak, Eau Claire Offensive Coordinator.

Two weeks ago, Wilford and Lesniak, who both won a national championship under Brian Kelley at Grand Valley State, were hired to take over a beaver program desperate for a win.

“As we say build the dam were bringing it back to Eau Claire have to really start at the base level," said Wilford.

Wilford says a new scoreboard and field paint have already re-ignited his players’ passion.

“A realistic goal is to bring back a football team the community can be proud of and really change the attitude of the kids," said Wilford.

Eau Claire coaches are also getting new headset gear worth thousands of dollars and new practice pads and equipment for their players also worth thousands.

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