Eau Claire student expelled for allegedly making threats against the school

The 16-year-old Eau Claire High School student who allegedly threatened his classmates with a gun will not be allowed to go back to school.

Last Sunday night the student allegedly made threats against the school on social media. On Tuesday the principal was alerted by a parent that he had a gun in his vehicle at school.

The student was located and brought to the police station, then released.

He was arrested several days later.

Parents say they were not made aware of the situation until Friday.

Eau Claire High School senior Trevor Danneffeo says he first heard about the incident through other students, not administrators.

“The school should have notified the parents beforehand. Parents weren’t notified and the kids were not told all the way about what was going on,” said Danneffeo.

Danneffeo along with many of his fellow students and parents filled the room Monday night to express their disappointment in the way the school handled the situation.

“I trust Eau Claire, but I don’t trust Eau Claire like I used to,” said Danneffeo.

Legal consequences for the student have not yet been determined. His preliminary hearing is set for Tuesday afternoon in family court.

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