EBay security breach puts users at risk

MISHAWAKA, Ind.-- eBay is the latest internet site to have their security system breached by hackers. The company is recommending that users change their passwords immediately.

Joe Canarecci, the service manager at C&P Distributing, said that he's seen an increase in customers coming to his store who have been scammed on the internet.

Canarecci said, “Maybe it’s not hundreds of thousands of users every day but we see people individually getting attacked every day.”

The information hacked from eBay accounts included personal information like phone numbers, addresses, and people's date of birth.

The folks at C&P Distributing recommend changing your password frequently and using different passwords for different sites.

Canarecci said,“Your security is on a sliding scale with convenience. You can slide it all the way to security and you will lose a lot of convenience.”

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