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Eclipse Safety: Don't stare at the sun with the naked eye, just like any other day.

There is a lot of concern about safety when it comes to the solar eclipse, and rightfully so, but there's also some misunderstanding out there as well. A solar eclipse is no more or less dangerous to you personally than any other day, as far as solar radiation is concerned. The danger is you may THINK you can stare at the sun longer because it's shaded and that is false. 

Ultraviolet UVA and UVB rays still shine through even when the sun is partially blocked by the moon. There's also still a lot of visible and infrared light. Special eclipse glasses filter most of this light, making it safe to stare at the sun for a prolonged period of time.  

For those that think they need to extra protection for themselves, kids or pets that's also false. You are fine going outside just like any other day. It's just not safe to stare at the sun. If it were dangerous for you or your pets, then it be dangerous every day and we know that to be false.

More information can be found on NASA's eclipse website. 

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