Eddy Street crimes continue

 The victims of a robbery on Friday night are sharing their scary experience. 

It all happened in one of South Bend's up and coming areas: Eddy Street Commons. 

Dusten Lyvers and his cousin were leaving this popular bar behind me around 2:30 Saturday morning, and they were doing what a lot of people were doing at that time walking to their car and getting ready to go home.

They were then approached by a black male who asked for their wallets and ended up getting away with about $150.

“He stole all my Christmas money, which was $100 and my gift cards to Starbucks and Subway,” said Dusten Lyvers. He was one of the victims in the robbery.

Cash is a temporary loss, but it is the experience of getting robbed that will leave a more permanent mark for Dusten. 

“We passed him once and my cousin Dusten said hi to him and we realized we passed the car so we turned around to go back to find it and when he came up to us again is when he asked for our stuff,” said Valerie Lyvers.

The two say the suspect never showed a gun, but they say he held and pointed it through his jacket in their direction.

“The shock was first and then I started to get really nervous,” said Dusten.

Nervous, as Dusten handed over his entire wallet, because he was not going to take any chances. 

“We were thinking, ‘Does he even have a gun,' but we thought be safe,” said Dusten.

Right after, they called police with another group of people who had their car broken into the same night.

Valerie and Dusten believe students in the area are an easy target.

“It wasn't like I was alone, I was with my cousin and we were both walking,” said Dusten.

But on this developing road, the two cousins say there just is not enough police presence.

“It was only a block away from where the police are that this happened,” said Dusten.

“I think that something needs to be done about the concentration of cops in the area," said Valerie.

Lastly, she shared her plea to students and police officers in the area, “I just hope that police know that that street is being targeted and I hope that students know that they are being targeted and they might feel safe right across the street from their campus but that area, something needs to be done.”

Abc57 has been following crime in this area for months now and Councilman Fred Ferlic spoke out about it. 

“In the last year, ten students have had guns put to their heads within a block of my Alma Mater,” said Ferlic.

The two cousins say the man who robbed them is described as an African-American male, about 5'8, with braids and a gray sweatshirt.

If you know anything about the incident, call the police. 
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