Edison Pointe Residents left without heat during blizzard

NOW: Edison Pointe Residents left without heat during blizzard

MISHAWAKA, Ind. --- Imagine living with no heat during a blizzard. . . that was the reality for many residents at Edison Pointe Apartments last week.

Some told ABC57 they had to leave and stay somewhere else for Christmas. Other residents were forced to brave the frigid temperatures from inside their apartment for days on top of frozen pipes and water damage.

“I know how to take care of my apartment, just the apartment people don’t know how to take care of me,” says Connorryan Huston, a three-year tenant of Edison Pointe Apartments.

Huston is one of many residents at Edison Pointe that went without heat during a blizzard.

“As the temperatures fell, the temperature in the apartment fell,” Huston recalls. “I kept going over and touching the register, and it wasn’t on.”

She says even after making calls to the leasing office, emergency maintenance number, and even the Mayor’s office, her apartment remained freezing cold.

“I was trying to find somebody who could help me because it got colder and colder,” says Huston.

Luckily for Huston, one of her Christmas gifts was able to provide a temporary solution and warm her up.

“My son and I decided we’d open our Christmas presents on Christmas Eve because it was so cold,” Huston shares. “He had gotten me an electric blanket for Christmas so I can stay warm.”

She adds this is not the first time she’s gone without heat during the winter, saying she has maintenance requests as old as three years when she first moved in. That’s also when she bought a space heater to handle the unlivable conditions.

“In past years, they have not turned the heat on as it got cold. They wait until people are calling, then they turn the heat on,” recalls Huston.

Overall, she says Edison Pointe is not a bad place to live, but in times like these, her and other residents wish their concerns would be appropriately addressed.

“It’s not a bad place to live,” Huston says. “They have nice apartments, nice things, nice people, but if you can’t get your concerns addressed, it’s not worth living here.”

Huston told ABC57 she did eventually get her heat back on in the early morning hours of Christmas Day.

The corporate company for Edison Pointe Apartments has not yet returned ABC57’s request for comment.

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