Edwardsburg teen dies in Cass County crash

Cass County Police say a 16-year-old teen was killed Tuesday morning when her car was side-swiped by a pick-up truck on Pine Lake St. in Cass County.

Police say Makayla McKenzie's car went off the road and flipped over around 11:40 a.m. after it was struck by the oncoming truck. 25-year-old Jeffrey Jackson was driving the truck. Witnesses told sheriff's deputies he blew a stop sign at the intersection of Pine Lake St. and Dailey Rd. just before the accident.

Two other teens were in the car with McKenzie. Both were taken to South Bend Memorial Hospital to be treated for injuries from the crash.

Sheriff Joseph Underwood says they don't know if alcohol or seat belt use played a role in the deadly crash.

They will continue to investigate.

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