Efforts to bring Benton Harbor together through art

BENTON HARBOR, Mich – Benton Harbor is exploring the idea of bringing the community together through art.  

The 32-year-old Heidelberg Project’s co-founders came to Benton Harbor Tuesday night to meet with Michael Hoyh of the Benton Harbor Historical Preservation Society and residents of the community to speak about how art has transformed neighborhoods the project has worked on and how they could transform Benton Harbor.  

“There’s possibilities of creating endless possibilities for the youth, for the community, for our neighborhoods and to bring a resurgence of life into the communities that have been neglected,” President of the Benton Harbor Historical Preservation Society Michael Hoyh said.  

Heidelberg Project founders showcased what they’ve done in Detroit and abroad and what could be done in Benton Harbor. 

“It’s two city blocks of color and explosion and found object art which is put together in a way that tells a story about Detroit,” Heidelberg Project President Jenenne Whitfield said.   

The project and its work if sought would come to Benton Harbor through working with the City of Benton Harbor and Hoyh about which abandoned lots they could revamp.  

Hoyh has already revamped a lot on Pavone Street which he has put up hand-painted signs of murder victims, many of which are unsolved cases, showing the city’s history while shedding a light on the city’s future potential.  

Hoyh says tonight’s meeting was just the beginning of bringing new energy into his hometown of Benton Harbor. 

“We are looking to bring love and passion and our commitment to contribute to the best that we can to what we have within our community,” Hoyh said.  

Tuesday’s showcase was the kickoff to a vision looking into the potential future of Benton Harbor. 

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