Electric atmosphere at Notre Dame for Blackhawks training camp

SOUTH BEND, Ind.-- Fans lined up before sunrise to get front row seats in Compton Arena to see the Blackhawks scrimmage.

Pete Rooney said, “It was crazy to pull up and see people standing in line for blocks to get in!”

Rooney is a devoted Blackhawks fan.

He made the trip all the way from Chicago to watch the practice.

Rooney said, “Everyone’s really excited to be here you can tell because it’s a college environment and the kids seemed really pumped and stoked that the team is here.”

Even those who aren't serious Blackhawks fans came out for a chance to see the Stanley Cup champions.

Will Nord said, “I love hockey, me and my friends are out here, I’m from California and a big Ducks fan though."

His love for the Ducks did not sit well with Tommy Hawk.

The mascot sprayed silly string all over Notre Dame student Will Nord.

Sunday is the last day the Blackhawks will be practicing here, and it's expected to be standing room only.

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