Eligible St. Joseph County homeowners face the deadline to avoid Tax Sale

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. – The Saint Joseph County Treasurer is offering time extensions and graduated payment plans to qualifying homeowners facing economic hardship in the area.

The Treasurer’s COVID-19 Payment Plan Program will provide help to residents who risk losing their homes due to inability to make property tax payments.

The program is only available to properties that claim a valid Homestead Deduction and are scheduled for the County Tax Sale September 7-9.

“This is our best shot, within the law, at getting some help to people who are struggling. . . The hope is that by getting people on a payment plan and giving them some more time and flexibility to get their balances paid, we can help residents keep their homes,” said Tim Swager, St. Joseph County Treasurer.

Tomorrow, June 30 is the deadline to stay off of the county’s Tax Sale, said Swager. He also said that there are over 600 properties in the county that carry a Homestead Deduction and are subject to the Tax Sale

Homeowners experiencing economic hardship and need a payment plan can send an email to [email protected] to schedule an appointment or call the St. Joseph County Treasurer’s Office at (574) 235-9539.

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