Elkhart Common Council may address sewer fees

ELKHART, Ind. -- The sewer fee issue is expected to be a topic of discussion at the Elkhart Common Council meeting Monday evening.

Residents of Valley View and county business owners are planning to attend the meeting.

Many are outraged not just by the compact agreement and the sewer fees but also by the way Mayor Moore is handling the situation.

The task force working on the issue has been meeting in secret. Angry residents and business owners say there is no transparency and the closed door meetings are illegal.

One business owner says he is tired of all the politics.

“The problem we have is there are certain democratic members of the city council that really have no interest in solving this problem. They would rather like the mayor, continue charging these exorbitant fees and put it in their trust fund so I don't have any great hope,” said Steve Schemenauer, owner of Sherman Industries.

Although they don’t expect anything to be solved at Monday night’s meeting, residents and business owners say they will keep attending the meetings until the situation is handled fairly.

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