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Elkhart Community Schools works on new fight song for high school merger

ELKHART COUNTY, Ind. – The music department for Elkhart Community Schools is working on a new fight song for the next school year.

Elkhart Central and Elkhart Memorial High Schools will merge to become Elkhart High School which will boast a new school song.

Lyrics for the song are still in progress, but the music department is asking the community for help.

Ideas can be submitted to the school from January 13 until January 31.

The committee that oversees the submissions says a final decision will be made by the middle of February.

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JimBella 78 days ago
Isn't there enough "Fighting" in schools already? Why do they need a new "Fight Song" ...how about a "Getting Along Song"?
ken 78 days ago
Why not use the fight song they had before Memorial and Central split in the 50's?
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