Elkhart County Sheriff's Department warns drivers on county roads

NOW: Elkhart County Sheriff’s Department warns drivers on county roads

BAUGO TOWNSHIP, Ind.- Many county roads in Elkhart County have completely closed off because of dangerous weather conditions.

Elkhart County Captain James Bradberry with the sheriff’s department says he cannot stress enough how dangerous these roads are.

“With the high waters, safety is the first thing we want to worry about.”

With the rain and melting snow calls started flowing into the Elkhart County Sheriff’s Department since 7 a.m.

“We’ve had numerous calls,” says Bradberry.

The problem is the people simply trying to get around. “I can’t even begin to list all those areas where we’ve experienced flooding, a lot in the Baugo Township area,” says Bradberry.

In areas like County Road 28 and Country Road 3 drivers tried to make it through high waters.

“So far I haven’t heard about any injuries from these things which is a good thing.”

Some didn’t make it and others didn’t even try.

We just want to warn motorists if you see high areas of flooding with a lot of water on the roadway, it doesn’t mean it’s going to be safe,” says Bradberry.

Captain Bradberry says, as of right now, these cars will have to stay where they are.

Until the waters recede more, because there’s no eminent emergency for human life, we’re not going to spend resources on this at this point.”

He adds emergency management has been working with problem areas on solutions, like evacuations

“I do know that some fire crews were used to help out in some areas where the flooding was so great that they had to have help to get out.”

It’s important to be aware of your surroundings because the department doesn’t have enough signs to label each high water area since there’s been an influx.


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