Elkhart County will have extra patrol on Labor Day weekend

ELKHART COUNTY, Ind. -- The Elkhart County Traffic Safety Partnership is urging residents to avoid driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs during Labor Day weekend.

This partnership announced that there will be an increased amount of patrol units on the lookout for impaired drivers through September 6.

Extra enforcement patrolling for impaired drivers is being funded by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration through the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute.

According to the Elkhart County Sheriff’s Office, 17 percent of all traffic fatalities in Indiana in 2020 involved alcohol, with 12 deaths on last year’s Labor Day weekend alone.

“Impaired driving continues to take a terrible toll on our state and nation. While these overtime patrols are effective and will undoubtedly save lives, we can’t enforce our way out of this issue. It’s up to everyone to drive sober and make smart choices behind the wheel,” said Devon McDonald, Executive Director of the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute.

Everyone is encouraged to plan for a safe and sober ride home through a designated driver or though a ride sharing service this Labor Day weekend.

It is also encouraged to take car keys away from friends and family who are thinking about driving impaired and arrange a safe ride home for them.

Anyone that suspects they are encountering a drunk driver while on a roadway is asked to call 911 to report the incident.

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