Elkhart Culver's raising money for employee who has rare cancer

ELKHART, Ind. - An Elkhart Culver's will be holding a share day for one of their employees on Tuesday; April 16 to help with Sloan Goss's medical expenses.    

19-year-old Goss's life changed six months ago when she was diagnosed with a rare disease. 

Goss just graduated from high school in May 2018 and enrolled in college while working part-time at Culver's in Elkhart; a job she's been employed at since she was 15 years old. 

One day at work, Goss said she experienced a sharp pain in her stomach that was so bad that she couldn't continue with work. 

That's when Goss knew she had to go to the doctor. 

After several tests, doctors diagnosed her with cancer. 

"I have intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma which is a rare form of bile duct cancer," Goss said. 

Goss said she was not surprised with her results because cancer runs in her family. 

But after going through two types of chemo and attending multiple doctors appointments, Goss's health wasn't getting any better. 

"It’s either going to work or it’s not going to work. If it does work then hopefully it will shrink enough and it will give me more time," Goss said. 

Doctors gave Goss a few months to a year to live. 

But Goss said she is going to beat this. She is currently taking her third round of chemo and will start clinical trials in Chicago soon. 

That's where the money raised will go towards. Goss's medical insurance doesn't cover clinical trials or her travels to Chicago. 

"Every single day that she comes in or when she is off she is always spreading cheer, always looking to see what she can do for somebody else," Culver's General Manager Michael Atkinson said. 

When Goss told her managers at Culver's they wanted to do something to help with her troubles. 

"When she was diagnosed we mentioned to her about share night. Culver's has share nights where we choose a local school or organization, advertise for a month and we give them back 10% - 20% of the sales that they bring in. This time we picked Sloan," Atkinson said. 

Culver's management is asking the community to support this cause by coming out Tuesday, April 16th to help Goss with her battle.

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