Elkhart facility offers to take in some Portage Manor Residents

NOW: Elkhart facility offers to take in some Portage Manor Residents

SOUTH BEND, Ind.------

One local care center, is hoping to lend a hand to Portage Manor residents.

Valley View Healthcare Center sent an email to St. Joesph County, that regardless on if they make a decision to close the facility, they want residents to know they are "more than able and willing to facilitate placement for residents.

The Elkhart based care center told ABC57, they have 12 open beds. Come tommorow some will be filled by former Portage Manor residents via limo service.

While they are listed as a nursing home which Portage Manor has made it clear they are not, Valley View said their doors are open to all ages, including those under 55. 

They are asking other facilities to follow their lead, following this statement, 

"As a proud community partner, Valley View Healthcare Center welcomes the residents from Portage Manor, and aims to provide them with the highest-quality care possible."

"Through our network of supportive services our goal is to make this transition as comfortable and orderly as possible for the residents and their family members".

While this could be a good start, it is going to take a lot more to rehouse the remaining residents, many who do not qualify for Medicaid. 

Jenny Piontek, a volunteer and "friend" or Portage Manor has been advocating to keep the facility open from the start. 

However, she told ABC57  they are open to any options, as long as the residents are happy and cared for, while keeping in mind many variables go into this, like the fact many of the residents need special care that cn not be provided at some places. 

Which is why they are working on a plan to keep the 116 year old facility up and running, that she thinks can work. 

"we're open to anything… we want to make sure those residents are happy, and taken care of for those residents that want to stay at Portage Manor…we want them to stay..we want them to stay.. if that’s what they want.. we want them to have that option," said Piontek. 

There will be a Board of Mangers meeting Monday March 27, to help determine what's next. 

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