Elkhart group offers mentorship to college-bound youth

A local nonprofit is reaching out to Elkhart inner-city youth and sending support to students before they go back to college.

The organization My Hood Needz Me believes in the saying “it takes a village to raise a child.”

And even in this case, where these kids are in schools miles away from Elkhart, the support they’ll continuously get from this group should make them feel at home.

“This is pretty much like a reward for making it to that next step,” said student Quincey Washington.

Washington and other students welcomed the care packages the organization handed out Thursday night.

And leaders of the group say these students will be getting even more support once they go back to school.

“Why not pull together as a community and help out where it’s needed,” said Danielle Neal, My Hood Needz Me Treasurer.

They will be sending their community’s youth off with a few essentials, advice and encouragement to continue pushing on.

“I can continue to provide whatever resources they need and the emotional support as well,” said sponsor Latoshia Davis.

That commitment moves the many mentors in the group and inspires their students to move forward.

“Knowing that you don’t have to do things by yourself and people care for you is a great feeling to have,” said Washington.

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