Elkhart has a new Street Commissioner

NOW: Elkhart has a new Street Commissioner

ELKHART, Ind. -- Elkhart has a new Street Commissioner.

Thursday was Mike Szucs’ first day on the job.

Szucs will oversee street, sidewalk, curb repair, leaf pickup, and snow removal.

He said he wants to make sure his department is accessible to all residents.

"If people call in with complaints or concerns we take care of it right away, within an hour of any kind of snow stuff. This is a well-oiled machine so I think the only thing we might, little, little change would be a little more pre-treatment with our beet juice salt grime trucks that we have,” said Szucs.

Szucs previously served as Assistant Street Commissioner and he has been in this business for 23 years.

He has taken over for the retiring Marty Morgan.

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