Elkhart holds Memorial Day Parade

NOW: Elkhart holds Memorial Day Parade

ELKHART, Ind. -- Streets were at capacity for this year's Memorial Day Parade in the City of Elkhart after not having a parade last year.

ABC 57’s Levon Whittaker spoke to parade participants the return of the parade after the pandemic.

One Elkhart couple says they’re happy that life is returning back to normal and were ready to get back to what they’ve been doing for 10 plus years which is participating in over 20 parades every year!

Linda & Leonard Kazmirski said “It was hard last year because we’re so used to doing the parades and our float is in our garage and sitting there watching it all last year and not one parade. It was hard.”

Other people got out of the house to honor veterans and be around the community again.

Resident of Elkhart Stephanie Lundgren “It was missed for sure. Like we’re glad to be able to come back. We missed the bands though and the little guys that ride on the red hats with the scooters.”

Another resident of Elkhart Brittany Gratehouse said “ It was great, the kids love it. It’s always fun to be out in the community.”

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