Elkhart man leading preparation efforts against Hurricane Sandy

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Bags packed, and ready to go at an hour's notice, Frank Connolly is on his way to the East Coast.

Connolly runs the Elkhart American Red Cross, and is in charge of sheltering operations for the entire state of New York.

"It really is crucial that leadership be in place quickly, so that we can be effective in our response," said Connolly.

He'll be responsible for the well being of millions if Hurricane Sandy causes havoc.

Even though he's from Elkhart, he has experience with national disasters.

"I've been with the Red Cross for four years, and I've been on seveal disaster assignments," said Connolly. "Sheltering is the thing I sort of like to do most."

He's not sure if his help will be needed, but said it's best to be prepared.

Volunteers from the area are ready to go with supplies if things get too bad.

"With that kind of density of population, it just kind of raises the number of opportunities for people to find themselves in a difficult situation where they need assistance," Connolly said.

Assistance, that he and other Red Cross members give willingly.

"If you really want to have an incredible experience in your life, volunteer for the Red Cross," Connolly said. "Go help someone who needs your help. You'll feel amazing."

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