Elkhart man offering $1K after tattoo shop robbery

NOW: Elkhart man offering $1K after tattoo shop robbery

ELKHART, Ind. --- An Elkhart man is offering up $1,000 reward for the name of a thief he said stole over $8,000 in products from his business Thursday night.

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Surveillance cameras caught the guy around 11:30 p.m., grabbing tattooing inks, and other costly items stored away in Electrum Supply’s back warehouse. The owner said the robbery took maybe a minute and 45 seconds.

Rob Smead, the owner of the tattoo supply company, said the man got inside of the warehouse by cutting out a piece of the building’s back wall.

“He cut away the steel siding outside the building,” he said. “Then used some kind of tools to force the paneling outside of the building and then he kicked his way through here.”

Surveillance video shows the man as he first got into the building, catching his flashlight, filming him as he swiped loot from the warehouse, and recording him moving frantically around the front of the store.

Smead shared this post below, that’s been shared more than 500 times on Facebook:

He said he is offering a $1,000 reward to anyone who gives him the name of the alleged robber.

“You know I don’t expect I’ll ever get my merchandise back,” he said. “You know that’s not what it’s about but I want that person off the streets and I want you know to not be able to do this to somebody else.”

Smead said this is the first time his store has been robbed.

If you have any information, contact Elkhart Police Department.

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