Elkhart man will help with disaster relief in Haiti

A man in Elkhart is traveling more than a thousand miles to help those recover from the devastation of Hurricane Matthew.

Officials say medical resources in Haiti are stretched beyond their limit and a Michiana nurse says he is ready to put his skills to good use.
“This just seems like the next thing to do those people need our help so I’m going to go to help them,” says Aaron Mishler of Elkhart. 
Mishler says seeing images of wind topping 145 miles an hour and torrential rain forcing at least thousands of people from their homes makes the decision to volunteer a no brainer. 
Mishler is no stranger to volunteering abroad.  You may remember he is the man who went to Liberia to help with the Ebola break out in 2014. 

Now on short notice he is headed to Haiti.

“If someone comes in with cuts scrapes injuries that sort of thing we will determine if we need to send them to another hospital if we can or we just try to treat it the best we can there,” says Mishler. 
There are many unknowns in the aftermath of the storm for those who live there and those traveling to help.
Mishler’s group plans to fly into the Dominican Republic and travel by land.
“I’m nervous but I’m not afraid of anything like that. You kind of have to go into these things expecting the discomfort and expect risks,” says Mishler. 
Mishler adds these are all risks worth taking, 

“When I get back I like to look back on my mission there and know that I made some kind of difference over there and helped someone out,” says Mishler. 
Mishler is traveling with Heart to Heart International and will leave Michiana on Thursday. 

For information on how you can help out click here.

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