Elkhart moms shaken after attempted abduction in neighborhood

NOW: Elkhart moms shaken after attempted abduction in neighborhood


ELKHART, Ind. -- A teenage girl fought off an attempted abduction Monday afternoon on her way home. 

After reporting what the 15-year-old girl endured, ABC57 News headed back to the scene of the crime to speak with families who live near where it happened.

"It's a scary thing to hear. You wouldn't think it would be in this neighborhood because there's so many police that patrol this neighborhood and all around Washington Gardens," says Nikita Walker.

Walker has four children.

On Tuesday, she towed two of them along with her to visit her mom.

Her mom lives just feet away from where Monday's attempted abduction happened. 

"To know that it's this close, I'm going to start watching my kids more closely," says Walker. "I  normally let them go out when we come over to visit."

Walker's mom lives in an area filled with young children.

Mini basketball hoops, swings, and play sets fill almost every corner of the neighborhood.

Now, she's a little worried about her children's safety.

"I'm going to make sure I pay more attention to them, make sure that every car that goes by is not doubling around or anything," she explains.

Walker also says she's going to start teaching her kids to stay aware.

"Not to talk to strangers, and to come get me before the approach any car," she adds.  "Don't get in any car with nobody they don't know."

She says not every child is going to be as lucky to get away from an abductor.

"It was a blessing for her to get out of there because most don't make it," says Walker. "Hopefully they catch the person who tried to take her. If anyone knows that vehicle, let police know so they can get them.  We can have one less person to worry about taking our children."

The suspect description provided by the Elkhart Police Department states that they're looking for an old, white balding man, driving a small, two-door, blue pickup truck with "loud exhaust." 

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