Elkhart on high alert after man tries to grab young girl

Hawthorne Elementary students and parents are on high alert after a young girl reported that a man tried to grab her on her walk to school Wednesday morning.

The Elkhart Police Department is asking for help in identifying the man.
Parents said a lot of the students walk to and from school every day, but there were more parents picking up their kids after hearing about the incident.
According to Elkhart Police, the girl was walking to school a little after 8 a.m. Wednesday.
When she reached the parking lot of a supermarket on West Lusher Avenue, only a couple hundred feet away from her school, she told police that a man attempted to grab her.
She said the man was on a bike at the time and once she ran he did not follow her.
Some families are saying walking is out of the question.
“So somebody told my mom that apparently somebody was trying to take a little girl. Since my little brother goes to the elementary over here at Hawthorne, my mom told me about it and we're a little worried so we thought that we might as well pick him up so that nothing happens,” says Saul Garay.
Elkhart police said the man is described as Hispanic, in his middle 40's, with a skinny build.
He is said to be around 5'6 with salt and pepper hair. He was riding a black bike at the time of the incident.
If anyone knows anything about this incident, they are asked to call Elkhart Police Department.

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