Elkhart pizza joint threatened with legal action from Pizza Hut

ELKHART, Ind. – A local pizza place is being threatened by the Goliath of the pizza industry!

DC’s Pizza and Subs in Elkhart recently got a letter from Pizza Hut threatening legal action.

The pizza giant wants them to stop using the term "meat lovers" because it claims the term is trademarked.

But the owner of DC Pizza said this is just a case of corporate bullies trying to push around the "mom and pop" shops.

"They are strong arming me. If I don't change my menu within the allotted time, then they are going to seek whatever legal recourse they feel necessary, based on the name ‘meat lovers pizza’," said Darren Cornell, Owner of DC's Pizza.

The letter states DC Pizza has 60 days to comply.

We tried contacting pizza hut's corporate office, but our calls were not returned.

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