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Elkhart Police Chaplain explains impact of tragedy on responders

NOW: Elkhart Police Chaplain explains impact of tragedy on responders

ELKHART, Ind. -- Detectives in Elkhart had an emotional weekend working on several tragic incidents.

Senior chaplain with the Elkhart Police Department, Jim Bontrager, works with those responders.

"Imagine, walking up to the scene you have a report that someone has been hit and the next thing you see, you’re seeing multiple casualties. And imagine you have a child the same age, the same hair color, and suddenly you’re thinking of your little one at home so its extremely difficult for these law enforcement officers and they do it day after day on our behalf," says Bontrager.

Bontrager says the community can help officers by offering their appreciation for their work with a simple "thank you."

"Let them know they are appreciated. You know so many times we fail to realize wherever our culture is on either size of an issue on this or this and there’s a unique group of people who are called to do something to maintain peace and order. They deal with all the mad, sad and bad people all day long and just to have people to let them know they appreciate their sacrifices and the sacrifices their families make it’s a big deal," says Bontrager.

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