Elkhart schools to hire 21 crossing guards

ELKHART COUNTY, Ind. – Elkhart Community Schools and the Elkhart Police agreed to hire 21 crossing guards and three resource officers on Thursday.

There will be one officer posted at Memorial High School, one at Central, and another that will rotate from multiple schools.

The resource officers will be in charge of school security, police duties, and will be paid by the Elkhart PD.

The crossing guards will help keep students safe throughout the city, and will be paid by the Elkhart school system.

“We cannot go without school crossing guards. It’s something we absolutely need and the thought of the hundreds of kids that go to school every day in Elkhart city and not having somebody there to help them cross the street - to me - was ludicrous.” Police Chief, Ed Windbigler, said.

This decision will run through this summer.

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