Elkhart YWCA spreads domestic violence awareness

October is domestic violence awareness month. Millions of women, children and men across the globe are affected by it every year. One local organization is trying to spread the word that they're available to anyone who finds themselves in a dangerous situation.

The Elkhart YWCA's employees brought attention to the issue by wrapping the building on US33 in a giant purple ribbon.

Purple is the color associated with domestic violence awareness.

YWCA employees did it so anyone could see support for victims is just inside.

Pam Hluchota, a YWCA employee, says domestic violence is a taboo subject, but she believes that needs to change.

"I've seen firsthand how important our services are," says Hluchota.

She and her team are on a mission to tell those who are affected by domestic violence are not alone.

Hluchota says in Indiana, 45 people lost their lives in 2013 as a result of domestic violence.

Hluchota hopes the ribbon convinces victims to come in for help.

She says the YWCA offers numerous free services for victims looking to rebuild. They offer support groups, lawyers on-staff, and employees to help teach how to obtain self-sufficiency.

If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic violence, the YWCA has a free and 24-hour support line to call. 866-YES-YWCA.
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