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Employees quit after finding noose at CFB chemical plant in Bristol

NOW: Employees quit after finding noose at CFB chemical plant in Bristol

BRISTOL, Ind.-- A startling discovery at CFB Incorporated in Bristol.

On Wednesday morning, an employee looking for supplies inside a company drawer found a noose instead.

“Seeing that for the first time ever? You know I've seen nooses on TV and stuff but actually seeing this from the people you love," said Antonio Vanpelt, now former employee of CFB Incorporated in Bristol. 

Alex, Antonio and Sebastian all walked into work this morning at CFB incorporated in Bristol.

“He was going to look for a batch card upstairs. When he opened up the drawer, and he found a noose," remembered former employee, Alex Bell.

It’s unknown why or how it got there, but they say, either way the sight of a noose in their place of work was enough for over a dozen employees to walk out Wednesday morning.

“I wanted to leave. Which I did, I walked out," said Vanpelt.

"Then he said he’s leaving. Then the next guy said he was leaving, and so on and so on. Next thing you know it’s 10, 12 people and we all just leave," said Sebastian Bell.

He was one of three employee's who quit Wednesday morning, but not before filing a complaint with the company.

“A noose symbolizes a whole bunch of things. Hate. It symbolizes, like i said, hate. I’m flabbergasted right now i cant even talk. Im hurt. To my heart, to my soul," said Vanpelt.

I reached out to CFB to find out why a noose was inside a company drawer, or if anything was being done to investigate.

They declined to comment.

“After so many different stories as to why it was there, there’s no, hey they're going to get fired. The first thing you hear is, oh, if you find that we just got to get rid of it today—that was it," said Bell.

All three decided to take action themselves and file a police report.

So whats next for you guys?

“Find me another place of employment. I’ve got to keep moving forward," said Bell.

“Move forward, find another job," said Vanpelt.

“I laugh because it’s not funny but that’s just how I cope with things, but definitely find another job," said Bell. 

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Ang 166 days ago
Why?? This seems pretty strange why would 3 of them just up and quit? As for the others that just walked out did they just want a day off from work? This is just a crazy situation.
ty 167 days ago
it's an imanament object...a rope. get over it. This lawsuit was set up by the hate crime law that was passed by a politician that jessie smollet is connected with that sited his case (which was fraudulent) to help push the law into effect. Wake up America, you are being deceived and manipulated!
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