Enjoy the fair and mild end to the week, there's another storm Saturday

NOW: Enjoy the fair and mild end to the week, there’s another storm Saturday

The best weather since Thanksgiving, will end the week. Fair and milder Thursday and Friday ahead of a wet and windy Saturday. The weekend storm is more wet than snowy, with an inch of rain possible and wind gusts topping 35 mph. Rain is now likely most of Saturday, the heaviest rain falls in the midday, along with the strongest wind gusts. Temperatures fall sharply Saturday night; rain will mix with snow and turning to wet snow by early Sunday morning. The snow impact for Sunday is minimal. The clouds break Sunday into Monday. Next week is chilly but fair. 

Tonight: Clouds clearing Low 32.

Thursday: Mostly sunny. High 50.

Friday: Partly cloudy. High 54.

Saturday: Rainy and breezy. High 56

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