EPA seeking input on smelting site cleanup

NOW: EPA seeking input on smelting site cleanup

BENTON HARBOR, Mich – The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is seeking the public’s input regarding the clean-up of an old aluminum smelting site in Benton Harbor.

“Benton Harbor is becoming a boom town again and the more contributing parties we can get together to clean up toxic land they can make available to the community it’s incredible,” Benton Harbor resident Michael Hoyh said.

The EPA’s proposed settlement is for the recovery of “past response costs” concerning the Alreco Metal’s site.

The settlement requires settling parties Louis Padnos Iron & Metal Company, Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America Inc., and Service Aluminum Corporation to pay $585,570.40 to the Hazardous Substance Superfund.

The EPA said waste from former metal company Alreco Metals was exposed on-site after the company closed.

According to the EPA they’ve been involved on the site since 2014. 

The agency said while assessing the site they found hazardous substances in containers including large piles of aluminum dross.

The agency said their actions taken included implanting health and safety air monitoring programs along with decontaminating contaminated structures.

The removal action was completed in 2015.

The EPA will receive public input for 30 days following the publication of the notice, August 27th to September 26th.      

Click here for the full administrative settlement agreement for the Alreco Metals Superfund site in Benton Harbor.  

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