Evacuees get the all clear Saturday morning to return home

MISHAWAKA, Ind. -- It was the largest evacuation the city of Mishawaka has ever experienced. More than 300 people were evacuated around 8pm last night. Fire fighters went door to door telling people to get out. Evacuees got the all clear that they could go back to the area around 7am this morning.

Marge Thomas said, "My granddaughter slept real good, she had no problems sleeping, my sister and I were awake all night!" Marge is happy to be home on Third Street. She was evacuated by the Fire Department late last night.

ABC 57 met Thomas Friday night at the Red Cross safe shelter, a mile or so from her house. Thomas said, "It was kind of scary at first because the smell was horrible by our house."

Ryan Lechel smelled the strong oder too! Lechel said, "When I walked outside I could kind of smell it and then after standing outside for a minute, I could kind of feel it in the back of my throat."

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