Event to raise money for baby Halo's mother

It’s a case ABC 57 has been following since the very beginning. It’s the case of baby Halo.
She’a the four-month old who was found unresponsive while being watched by her father and died at the hospital two days later.

Her father twenty-two year old Bryan Michael has been charged with neglect of a dependent causing death.

Today, the family and friends of Halo’s mother came together to help raise money for her.
The event took place at Bendix Park in Mishawaka.

There were a lot of people determined to help raise money for Dominique Stutzman, after her world was turned upside down just over a month ago.

They gathered today to help her raise money since she still needs a headstone, a lawyer and help with medical bills.

“It felt like I had to help. It didn’t matter what it was, even if it was bringing in a few dollars I had to help,” Amanda Shields said.

Shields originally began selling bracelets for five dollars, but said she knew she could do something even bigger.

“What can I put together to bring in some money for Dominique,” she asked herself.

So “Team Halo” was created. One of those who sport that label, Shields’ mother, said her goal was to bring attention to child abuse at this event.

“For young parents to walk away when baby crying. A baby isn’t going to die from crying,” Tina Harris said.

Shelly Hammood who also attended the event agreed and said this is an opportunity for mothers to learn not to force their baby into the hands of those who don’t want them, “If the guy says, no I don’t want to babysit. Don’t push them into it.”

It’s an important lesson for all mothers to remember. Something this fundraiser is trying to shed light on. Since medical officials say baby Halo had bruising on her body and a fractured skull.

“That’s what hit home. I have a two year old and it hit my stomach hard,” Shields said.

Baby Halo’s family and friends said any little bit is comforting.

“I think it’s really heartwarming to her. To see that people really do care,” Harris said.

As a reminder, the father Bryan Michael has not yet been convicted of his charges.

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