Experts weigh in on benefits of Vitamin D

NOW: Experts weigh in on benefits of Vitamin D


SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Traditionally, Vitamin D was known for calcium absorption and helping with bone health and growth. However, studies show the vitamin has a few more benefits such as development of ourselves and immunity.

So, how can you get the vitamin during these “darker” months?

Experts say some natural foods are great sources of Vitamin D such as fattier fish, eggs, liver or mushrooms. The vitamin is also fortified in other options like milk, orange juice, or breakfast cereals. The amount of Vitamin D is listed on the nutrition facts label. Of course, there is an option of taking a Vitamin D supplement, but experts recommend to talk with your doctor and have your Vitamin D levels checked before taking a supplement.  

“Certain people absorb Vitamin D differently compared to others, so it really is individualized. If you notice you are feeling kind of tired or ackey, talk to your doctor. You can take a blood test to determine your Vitamin D levels,” says Jennifer Besemer, registered dietician at the South Bend Clinic. “Your doctor is really going to be the one monitoring that you know if you really do need to take a supplement they will make the recommendation for how much and how long.”

Besemer also says the recommended amount of Vitamin D is 15 micrograms. However, it really depends on the individual. But, there is one way to ensure you increase Vitamin D absorption.

“One of the best ways to help increase the absorption in the gut is eating it with fat. It is what we call a fat-soluble vitamin, and this is included with Vitamin E, A, K as well so these are absorbed much better in your gut if you have a little bit of fat,” says Besemer.

Besemer says these healthy fats can be avocados, healthier oils, any sort of nut or seed or nut butter.

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