Extreme weather at Elkhart County Fair

GOSHEN, Ind. -- For the next week, fairgoers will have to deal with extreme heat, and maybe some heavy showers at the Elkhart County Fair. How prepared are attendees and organizers?

Thrust into the sky, rides at the Elkhart County Fair have people screaming.

Later this week, something else could be responsible for those yells. July's intense heat is on a lot of folks minds.

"When I walked out of the house, I felt like I couldn't even breathe," Summer Fleck, a fairgoer, said. "It's so hot."

She wasn't the only one.

Temperatures will sail downward this week, but along with the cooler weather, comes a chance of heavy rain.

ABC57 News wanted to know if people are prepared for more than just fun at the fair.

"I think I'll probably be gone before it starts raining," Richard Dunlap, another fairgoer, laughed.

"It's kind of nice to just walk around when it's raining, even if it's just sprinkling, because everyone else is inside, so there's not really anyone out," Katherine Miller, a 10-year 4H member, said. "You get to see a bunch of stuff you normally wouldn't get to see."

If Mother Nature hit Michiana dead on, fairgoers we talked with weren't sure what they'd do. They're relying on emergency crews to keep them safe.

"I've got a weather service, a private consulting service, that calls me with a 30 minute window," Phil Wogoman, Safety And Emergency Operations Director, said. "They tell me in 30 minutes lightning is going to hit, or in 30 minutes, high winds will hit."

But for now -- most folks are just trying to stay cool. That, and take in all the fair has to offer, whether it's deep fried food, or steep slides with the little ones.

"We like to come out and have some fun, bring the kids, and enjoy the day," Dunlap said.

"There's a lot of things to do," Fleck said. "Different things happening over in the grandstands."

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